Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 10

-Renown Rewards Available: Beast Killer.

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Wind x3, Thunder, forged Thunder for +3 Mt.

-Tonics: Robin (Mag, Def)



-Forge a Thunder +3mt

-New Iron Sword for Chrom

-Tonics: Robin (Mag, Def)



-Can immediately kill MS Thief from forward-most starting positions (attack from 1 tile up and 1 tile right from Thief). May have to use +Mt Thunder here, as there will likely be Counter melee. The Attack threshold to hit here is 44 for non-Aegis+ Soldiers and 45 for Aegis+. Anything else has less durability.

-Robe Thief doesn’t move on turn 1 EP. Robin can snag him right off of the position for sniping the MS Thief.

-After that, head up toward Mustafa by flying over the Bones tiles. It should be possible to catch both Thieves as they pass by the top of it. The forged Mt Thunder may be required when taking them out because of high chance of exposure to enemy Counter.

-Once all the Thieves are down, just hang out over the Bones tiles until all the Wyverns and 2-range are dead.

-With only the ground melee left, this is a good opportunity to get Lance WEXP. Pick each enemy off one-by-one during EP by luring them in, even if they have Counter. Robin should be in no danger of dying from a single Counter. Use the Bones Forts to heal any lost HP.







-Turn 5: Wyvs from west high ground Forts.

-Turn 6: Wyvs from east high ground and low ground Forts.

-Turn 7: Turns 5 and 6 spawns together, plus Soldier from North Fort and Barb from South Fort.