Legends of Atosan


This section is devoted to the the mechanics of a pen & paper RPG I have been working on.  The pen & paper version has actually pretty much seen its end and I’m working on changing it into a computer game (granted, the game as it is still playable in pen & paper form.  The calculations may just be a bit more complicated).

Rules – the run down of how to play

Status Effects – buffs and debuffs that can affect the performance of a character

Environmental Modifiers – Some examples of how terrain and other environmental factors affect the battle.

Change Log – Change log of how the system has been revised over time

Character Classes – the division of disciplines that separate characters from each other

Character Races – the classification of the different races the denizens of Thayes can be

Character Skills – see what special tricks each of the classes have up their sleeves

Character Traits – personality specialties that set characters of the same class and race apart

Character Gear – weapons, armour and shields, the stuff no one goes to war without

Gear Enchantments – special augmentations for weapons and body armour

Items – everything from simple healing potions to gear enhancing components

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