LoA: Character Races


Human – On average, humans stand about 5’7″ and can possess a wide
variety of builds.  Their abilities in general are well rounded.
As such, they typically have no problem training in any of the five
novice classes.  Their stubbornness and will to live for entirety
of their 60 year life span manifests itself in a small Stamina and
Willpower boost.
Winged One – Best described as “humans with wings,” Winged Ones tend
to be about the same height as their Human cousins.  However, they
also tend to be a little more lacking in their builds.  Possessing
a considerable natural agility, as well as a heightened perception, at
the cost of both durability and strength, Winged Ones tend to prefer
fast, mobile classes.  Their ability to fly only lends itself to
their mobility, despite the lightning vulnerability that runs hand in
hand with it.
Elf – Elves are roughly of the same height and build as Winged Ones.
While they also possess a frailty and improved dexterity similar to the
Winged Ones, they are not quite as fast.  However, they also have a
natural affinity for magic.  As such, Elves tend to faire the best
as back rank support classes, although some have been known to be able
to hold their own as Skirmishers.
Dwarf – Despite tending to stand 5′ at the absolute tallest, Dwarves
are often more beefy than their human cousins.  They are tough and
willful, but slow and lacking in magical aptitude.  Most Dwarves
will be seen in full body armour, marching into the front lines.
Nomai – Aside from their feline features, Nomai tend to be built
quite similarly to Humans.  The natural ferocity of their cat
heritage lends itself to their natural strength, agility and perception.
However, they do not take hits quite as well as Humans and their
affinity for magic is much lower than the majority of the other races.
While their vision is not impaired by darkness, they possess a great
disdain for cold, which is often another component of the night.
Giant – Giants are much like Dwarves, except far taller.
Possessing great build and strength, Giants at their smallest tend to be
as powerful and large as the biggest Human.  In an army, they will
often be seen marching into the front lines along with their Dwarven
Miaxed Blood – Most of the above races are compatible with each
other, leading to children with a multitude of permutations.  While
some people tend to identify them with such derogatory terms as “half
breed” and “half blood,” the proper term is Mixed Blood.  In
general, Mixed Bloods will take the middle ground of their parents’
traits.  Depending on the time period, some Mixed Bloods have
reached such a large population as to come up with their own name for
themselves.  Examples of these include “Half-Elves” (Elf/Human) and
“Grifs” (Winged One/Nomai).

Racial Modifier Table



Body Index Rng



+4% Stam, +5% Will


Winged One

-10% HP, -10% Str, +20% Spd, +5% Perc


-10% lightning resist, flying


-10% HP, -10% Str, +10% Spd, +10% Mag



+10% HP, -10% Spd, -10% Mag, +10% Will, +8% Stam



-10% HP, +5% Str, +10% Spd, -10% Mag, -15% MP, +5%


-15% ice resist, ignore Night effects


+5% HP, +10% Str, -15% Spd, -10% Mag, +5% Will, +8%


Mixed Blood

Not a race on its own.  Takes the races of both
parents (randomly pick one of the two races for mixed blood parents) and
take the average of the stat bonuses and penalties combined.  Non-stat
modifiers are not averaged, but kept in whole.

For example, a mixed blood with Winged One and Nomai ancestry would have -10% HP,
-2.5% Str, +15% Spd, -5% Mag, -7.5% MP and +5% Perc. Additionally, the mixed blood would ignore Night effects,
be able to fly, but get -10% lightning resist and -15% ice resist.

Average of parents’ races.

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