MLP: FiM – The Coup

Blah, this should have been up last night, but about 15 minutes before I finished the picture my Internet died and stayed dead for more than 3 hours after.

Dramatization disclaimer: events might not have occurred this way.

This is my second submission for the ATG week 5 theme: draw a pony shocked. When Nullh’s and Lunar’s tyrant and evil overlord role play + shocked pony theme = I simply couldn’t resist making this joke. I mostly tried to put this together as a surprise, so there were some liberties taken with representations for the admins.

Anyway, this is quite possibly the longest I’ve worked on a piece of art. I spent about 3 hours sketching up each of the ponies and followed that up by spending 6 hours colouring, then another roughly 45 mins on my extremely simplistic background. For anyone who didn’t get to follow the story of the role play, Lunar pulled a coup to usurp control of ATG from Nullh and this is my gag take on the event. One tyrant is clobbering another while the admins are perhaps questioning their decision to follow Lunar.

Background left to right, we have:
Fetchbeer – stallion Zecora. I’d never drawn Zecora before this, which further complicated things. Only Lunar took longer to do.
Kitssuneymg – his ponysona, although after seeing Atlur’s rendition of the final battle, I’m not sure I got this right. The hair took a while.
Atlur – ponified the knight he uses as a Deviant ID. Had to fumble around a bit to get a decent armour design.
LifeSequenceBreaker – stuck with a muffin. I didn’t have a whole lot else to go on, but I also got it into my head early on that having a muffin in the group shot would be funny. Not so sure about that now.
Argembarger – palette swapped Fluttershy. I really needed to do something to differentiate him here, since Lunar basically got dibs on Flutterage. I didn’t think of the palette swap to the colours used by his avatar until I was midway through colouring. My original plan was just to keep his Fluttershy female (and you’ll probably notice I stuck with that decision anyway) to differentiate from stallion Flutterage.
Amehdaus – another ponified Deviant ID. The glasses took a bit of work to make look good and not like a blob of smushed colour.

Foreground left to right:
Nullh – going off of his ponysona as depicted in the scraps art he posted. Yay, more working in odd looking facial hair on ponies. There’s also a programming joke in here.
LunarApologist – stallion Flutterage. Tried to get a ponysona out of him, but there were issues. Anyway, this was too much fun to draw. I love doing facial expressions and it was a bit of a treat to draw that really unhinged look on Lunar. I also got to toy around with Lunar empiring up the Palpatine robe, which I think turned out nicely.

The background is simpler than I intended, but I decided it’s probably for the best since I want the focus to stay on the action (aside from the fact that I’m not sure I could have pulled off a grandiose background anyway).

Edit: I’ve been informed that Kits’ ponysona is a pegasus mare, so I’ve shortened the snout line and added eyelashes and wings.

About Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I'm a computer programmer by trade, but I tend to dabble in many different creative activities.
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  1. Alana says:

    Over 9000? 😮

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