Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 9

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Bronze Axe, Bronze Bow, Bronze Lance x2 (as necessary to have that many in the convoy), Flux forging for +3 Mt.

-Tonics: Robin (Mag, Def), Lissa (Mag)



-44 Attack Robin can one-shot any non-Aegis+ mook on the map (so long as it’s not on a Fort); just 42 is enough to neutralize any possible Counter melee.

-Libra will attack Dark Mage if at full HP.

-Level 10 Lissa can expect 10 Mag. With Tonic and Ricken, Rescue range can be 8. This is usually enough to save Libra.



-Sumia in SW-most starting spot

-Robin in SE-most starting spot

-The rest can go wherever



Turn 1

-Pair Chrom to Robin. Move 4 tiles down. Kill Soldier from 2 tiles away with the forged Flux (unless none of the melee have Counter, then use Thunder).

-Pair Lissa to Sumia.

-Pair Ricken to Cordelia and move her to right above Sumia.


Turn 2 (Soldier Goes Up)

-Move Robin 4 tiles left, and drop Chrom to her right.

-Move Cordelia 1 tile below Chrom, then possibly 1 tile to the right of that (depending on Dark Mage movement) and wait.

-Move Sumia below or left of Cordelia (depending on Dark Mage movement), swap to Lissa and take Ricken. Rescue Libra.

-AP: Libra recruits himself on Chrom.


Turn 2 (Soldier Goes Right)

-Move Robin below Soldier, swap to Chrom. Wait.

-Move Cordelia to Chrom’s left, swap to Ricken, transfer to get Robin. Swap and have Robin kill the Soldier.

-Sumia goes below Robin and swaps to Lissa. Take Ricken and Rescue Libra (requires 10 Mag on Lissa plus a Mag Tonic)

-AP: Libra recruits himself on Chrom.


Turn 3+

-Pair Chrom back to Robin and clean up the goons chasing Libra.

-Reinforcements are six Wyvs (3 melee, 3 ranged) on turn 5. Move a forged Wind/Flux-equipped Robin be above the top 2×2 set of Bones to get them all in one turn. Note that all other characters should be 2 or more tiles below that same set of Bones.