Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 22

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Arcthunder x3, Beast Killer forging for +1 Mt and +10 Hit

-Tonics: Robin (HP, Mag, Def), Morgan (HP, Str, Def), Chrom (Str), Lucina (Str)



-Forged Beast Killer and Armourslayer for Chrom and Lucina

-Robin bring Levin Sword

-Bring Libra, Cordelia, Fred, Olivia, Henry and Anna; give Libra and Anna Rescue Staves



Turn 1

-Kill Equus with Robin (use Rescue->Dance to get a second attack if necessary).

-Galeforce Robin to position on the lower edge of the DK and Warrior’s range.

-If BK has Counter, position Morgan with the Short Axe at the top, just in the BK’s range. Else, just wait to gank in close quarters.



Turn 2

-Double Robin back

-Dance Robin

-Position Robin against middle of 1×3 wall to lure Valk and Sniper. If Valk and Sniper don’t look lethal to Morgan, can position him above Robin too.



Turn 3

-Note that a great deal of stuff is going to be YOLO from here on out, depending on skillsets. When in doubt, kite, but the Rescue staves are there if Rescue bombing becomes a necessity.

-Kill Assassin

-Kill General

-If Dance not needed for either above, Dance Robin and move into Sorc range (use the Levin Sword if no Hawkeye)


Turn 4+

-Move Robin into Sorc range if not there already

-Next get the War Cleric

-Use Rally Speed to double and kill Swordmaster

-Get Sage



-Morgan should be able to one-shot her with Yewfelle (one-round, if she has Aegis+).