Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Endgame

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Brave Bow, Brave Bow forging for +5 Mt and +9 Crit

-Tonics: Robin (HP, Mag, Skl, Luk, Spd, Def), Morgan (HP, Str, Skl, Luk, Spd, Def), Chrom (Str, Skl, Luk), Lucina (Str, Skl, Luk)



-Robin Skills: Anathema, Hex, Galeforce, Vengeance, Solidarity

-Morgan Skills: Galeforce, Patience, Armsthrift, Sol, Axebreaker

-Deploy Basilio, Olivia, Cordelia, Libra and Anna

-Give Libra a Physic




-The threshold to not die to double Ignis at 85 HP is 48 Def. Dark Knight with 20 Def Paladin Chrom and a Def Tonic can hit this (Grima has 70 base Attack, 90 with Ignis).

-The threshold to double Grima is 50 Spd.

-With a forged Brave Bow for Morgan (+5mt, +9cr), Tonics and Lucina’s stat boosts, Morgan can take down Grima with just his damage, provided Olivia is there to give a second turn and someone to heal him if the second 90 Attack hit would kill him (shout-outs to Czar_Yoshi for coming up with this strat).


Turn 1

-Position Lucina 7 down from Grima’s middle Zerker. Robin goes behind her, Cordelia (with Olivia) to her left. Basilio just has to be able to reach for Rally Str next turn. Libra/Anna should be positioned anywhere close to the main group.



Turn 2

-Rally everyone with Basilio

-Robin kills the middle Berserker (use Celica’s if you have to), then Galeforces to attack Grima at 1 range. This is important to provide both Hex and Anathema. Attack Grima with Celica’s.

-Move Lucina up, swap to Morgan and attack Grima with the forged Brave Bow.

-If Grima still isn’t dead yet and Morgan has less than 43 HP, have Libra Physic him.

-Move Cordelia behind Morgan, swap to Olivia and Dance him. Have Morgan finish off Grima.




And that’s that. Unless something major comes up to really change the route, I’ll just be making revisions to this guide as optimizations come up. I still consider this more or less a living document, so if anyone notices anything questionable or finds an aforementioned optimization, feel free to bring it up.

Shout-outs to Interceptor for laying the groundwork that inspired this whole thing, as well as Czar_Yoshi and the rest of the community who helped me brainstorm additional strats for problem areas.