MLP: FiM – 6″ Twilight Sparkle Plushie

Ugh, I never want to work with a plushie this small again. At least not with my current supplies. Twilight is entirely hand sewn.

This is my first pony plush attempt, with the design based off of Medliadhor’s pattern ([link]). I made a lot of mistakes, most of which is mostly corrected or covered up by the end and I know not to do next time.

The hardest part for me was detailing the eyes and cutie mark. At this size it just plain sucks and I can see why everyone loves embroidery so much. I chose to do my eyes entirely through felt and sewn together. This made them bulky and the tiny surface area made sewing difficult. But I made it through with the detail more or less intact. The cutie mark wasn’t so lucky. The main starburst was easy enough, especially after the eyes. I just had to be really careful how I cut. it’s the smaller starbursts that got me. You may notice they’re not there. That would be because I couldn’t possibly make the smaller starbursts look like actual starbursts. I tried a couple alternatives like the knots I used for the nostrils or circular pieces of felt, but in the end they just looked awful, so I cut them out.

The longest part was a tie between sewing the body and working on the hair. Being the dumb, inexperience seamster I am, I only single stitched the body. Cue terribly catastrophe when I tried to stuff her (despite using a thread that advertised itself as extra strong). Going back and double or triple stitching (depending on the part) to reinforce fixed the issue, but added a ton of extra time. Then the way I did the hair just took a while because I had several layers of felt divided into several pieces that just required a lot of straight up sewing that wasn’t hard, but took a really long time.

Overall, I guess I’m fairly happy with her for a first attempt, but she didn’t turn out nearly as good as I envisioned in my design. I’ll probably attempt her again (or possibly another pony, not sure…) some time in the future, but as at least a 12″ plushie.

About Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I'm a computer programmer by trade, but I tend to dabble in many different creative activities.
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