Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Guide


-No grinding (technically a subset of DLC on this difficulty)
-No Logbook
-Because this run is going for consistency, no Anna shops, no barracks, and, whenever possible, avoiding sparkly tiles (I’m not going to avoid moving onto them if it’s the optimal tactical choice; any items that end up in my inventory as a result of this will be discarded)
-260 starting Renown that increases by 10 for each battle won
-No Bonus Box
-No Spotpass shops
-No resetting. Initially, that was defined as a run that never reloads from a save (just treating any save as a suspend so that the game could be played over multiple days). However, I felt that wasn’t quite in the spirit of the run. So in addition, this also means no exiting the chapter location and returning to reroll enemy skills.

The route is fully capable of recruiting everyone who appears during a given map and keeping them alive, though some improvisation may be required to make up for stats that end up far below average.

All the strats and benchmarks are made for a female +Spd/-Skl Robin who marries Chrom. However, many of the early strats can work just fine for different Asset/Flaw combinations and/or a male Robin.