Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 4

-Renown Rewards Available: Glass Sword, Second Seal, Orsin’s Hatchet, Seed of Trust, Levin Sword

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Flux, Wind, Thunder

-Fred allows Robin to get the drop on Counter Fighters on the first turn, as well as engaging the Mage on the EP. C support gives Fred an okay chance to dual strike. He should generally bring the Iron Sword because of increased hit against the Fighters and Silver usually being overkill for Attack. Plus it’s better to reliably bring the Fighter into OHKO range so Robin doesn’t take Counter damage (especially against Aegis+). This lets Robin fight the first two enemies with increased mobility and Def.

-For the second turn, heal with Lissa if necessary. Then, if unpaired Chrom is near the edge of the Fighter’s range, Robin can move up to him, swap to Fred, then transfer Robin to Chrom. They can then get the drop on the second Fighter and EP the Mage. Virion should hop onto Fred. From this point on, Fred can play backup damage or peel off enemies to lessen incoming damage on Robin (Fred can also offtank a Short Axe Fighter or Hammer a Knight if RNG luck has been particularly bad; Hammer uses are valuable for selling, though, so only do so in a case of extreme emergency).

-If Robin hits low average of expected Spd(17), a Chrom support lets her double Marth (21 vs 16). Unless Marth has Aegis+, it’s possible to get her stuck in a healing loop (heals at less than half of max HP), even if dual strike luck is poor. If she has Aegis+, Fred can contribute to keeping her stuck in the loop, since at 14 Mag, base Fred with Virion C and a Javelin will just barely help get Marth under half). She will, however, prioritize killing over healing, so watch out for that (mainly if Lissa is healing; AI will also see 8×2 damage against Fred if he’s got base Def, equipped with a lance and paired with Virion, so just make sure he’s above 16 HP). Note that this healing loop is only really necessary if she has Counter, as otherwise, it’s possible to let Marth get countered on EP, then finish her off on PP.