MLP: FiM – Any Port in a Storm Friend-off Art – Arrival

This is my submission for the first United Training Grounds’ Friend-off.

Anyway, I decided to draw an early scene from JqlGirl’s RariDash fic, Any Port in A Storm. It’s incredibly sweet and full of d’aws.

This monstrousity ran me about 6 hours to finish up. Carousel Boutique was incredibly annoying to draw mostly because my reference screenshots had conflicting features. I ended up just using the side view from S2E2 since it was closest to the perspective I wanted. Aside from that, I also tried to visually draw the rain and it kept looking terrible. Then I realized the way I’d drawn Dashie, plus the water drops falling off of her already gave enough info. So rather than risk screwing up my drawing with further attempts, I let it be.

This is among one of my best (and weirdest) shading jobs. Rarity was very interesting to figure out and Dashie was fun. Plus I finally remembered to put actual shadows on the ground.

Drawn with 2H, shaded with HB, 2B and 4B.

About Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I'm a computer programmer by trade, but I tend to dabble in many different creative activities.
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