Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 14

-Stat Boosters: Morgan (Goddess Icon, Naga’s Tear)

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Elixir x3

-Tonics: Robin (Def), Morgan (Luk)



-Robin and Cordelia both on far south of the boat

-Chrom and Anna within reach of Robin and Cordelia

-P4 Arms Scroll is no longer mandatory, but still helpful, since Lucina can use Galeforce to Bronze Lance any enemy (even with Counter), then double back for healing.




-The group can turtle near the bottom of the right-most ship. There’s a small spot against the border where there is a long stretch of boat behind it that no one can stop on. The order from top to bottom should be Cordelia, Lucina, then an unequipped Robin.

-When moving toward the turtling spot, be careful of the top-right Peg Knight group. One is a melee who can reach just below the boat. If she has Counter, she can cause problems in tandem with the one closest to the bottom of the boat.

-Once the Peg Knights are down and out, have Lucina judiciously clear out the 2-range (in particular, beware Luna+ Arcwind Mages) until there’s no more. Once that’s done, there is a spot on the right boat where Morgan can tuck in and do the same thing with Robin body blocking in from of him and Pass enemies can’t do anything about it.







-Turn 3: 3 Pegs (2 Silver Lance, 1 Spear) from the SW

-Turn 4: 3 Pegs (2 Silver Lance, 1 Spear) from the East

-Turn 5: 3 Pegs (2 Silver Lance, 1 Spear) from the NW