Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Paralogue 12

-Stat Boosters: Chrom (Secret Book), Morgan (Goddess Icon x2)

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Elwind x2, Elthunder, Elwind forged for +5 Mt, Elwind forged for +1 Mt

-Inheritence: Robin with Galeforce at the bottom

-Tonics: Robin (Mag, Def), Lucina (Str, Def)



-Deploy Anna, Libra, Henry, Tharja, Olivia and Cordelia

-Bring on Olivia: Second Seal, Goddess Icon x2, Def Tonic, Levin Sword

-Bring on Henry: Elwind, Luk Tonic, Bronze Axe, Master Seal, Speedwing

-Bring on Tharja: Elwind (+1 mt)

-Bring Rescues for each of Anna and Libra.



Turn 1

-Anna moves 1 tile up and right from Chrom and Rescues Morgan

-Chrom to talk to Morgan, then pair to Robin

-Robin kills Myrm, then swings 1 tile down, 1 tile right of the Mage who was to the right of the Myrm and kills him.

-EP: Mage gets lured in to attack Anna.



Turn 2

-Robin kills Bullion Thief, then unequip lure the two incoming rightside Wyvs close to Morgan/Lucina.

-Position Lucina on top-middle tile of the lowest-left platform. Have Olivia Dance her so she can move into the water. If the Wyv has Counter, unequip her.




Turn 3

-If Lucina hasn’t killed her Wyv yet. Finish is off, either by punching through the Pavise+ with another attack or by having Henry weaken it first to bypass the Counter. If Lucina needs health and is facing Vantage+, heal with Anna.

-Snag whatever EXP for Morgan and Lucina that they can get. Depending on how that first Wyv went, Robin may need to kill something (most likely the Myrm).

-Use unequipped Robin to learn the other incoming Wyv.



Turn 4

-Kill the Wyv with Morgan. Use both Goddess Icons with his spare action and Olivia’s help.

-If the nearest Swordmaster has Luna+, kill him with Robin.


Turn 5

-Along the main pathway from where the rest of the team is hanging out, there’s a large pillar. If unequipped Robin positions up against it, with her left side reachable by melee from the path, this will attract almost all reinforcements, allowing Morgan and Lucina to peel them off as they see fit.


Turn 6

-Position Levin Sword Morgan 9 tiles left and 1 tile down from the SE stairs. This will lure the Griffon into combat and should allow for a kill on T7 PP.


Turn 7+

-Robin should just eat items and keep the enemy busy. If there’s a Hawkeye-Luna+ combo or a Luna+ Swordmaster lurking, she may want to kill them, but she should refrain from taking too many kills.

-Once the enemies are bunched up and the fliers lured and killed, Morgan can aggressively hunt ground units. If he gets into trouble, he can be Rescued out by Anna or Libra.




-If Lucina has 40 displayed attack with Parallel Falchion, she can one-shot non-Pavise+ Wyvs.

-Henry (regular Elwind) and Tharja (Elwind +1 mt or pair-up with +3 Mag) can weaken Wyvs just enough for 21 Str Lucina with Morgan to still get a one-shot through Pavise+. This also allows Morgan’s Levin Swording to get through Pavise+ without Lucina assistance.

-Top-left and middle fliers, as well as the Sage’s group by the Fortify Staff all don’t have a turn aggro timer. However, the groups are tied together and aggroing one will aggro both. The bottom-right Sages and Swordmaster also don’t have a timer, but will aggro individually.



-Turn 2: Mage from SE stairs

-Turn 4: SM, Myrm from north stairs, Mage from middle stairs

-Turn 5: 2 Wyv from north stairs, GR (Silver Axe) from middle stairs

-Turn 6: GR (Tomahawk) from middle stairs, GR (Tomahawk) from SE stairs