Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 13

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Rescue Staff x2, Hand Axe x7, Javelin x3

-Inheritence: Robin with Galeforce at the bottom



-Slingshot Robin off of one of the enemies directly to the North. Move above the Boss and attack from there. Even if the first round doesn’t kill him (Aegis+), he should die on EP.

-Reinforcements are mostly irrelevant, but I’m listing them below in case you want to farm for some reason. In this case, bring Cordelia to move Henry around with and bounce back and forth across the rightside cliff to rope-a-dope the enemy. The length of the cliff basically means it’s going to take most enemies 3-4 turns to make their way around. If any Archers or Snipers get isolated, jump on them and blow them up.



-Turn 3: Myrm, Fighter, Myrm, from bottom Forts

-Turn 4: Fighter from mid-left Fort, Myrm from mid-right Fort

-Turn 5: 3 War from bottom Forts, 2 Snipers w/ Longbows from mid Forts

-Turn 6: Fighter from mid-right, Myrm from mid-left, Myrm, Fighter, Myrm from bottom Forts

-Turn 7: 3 War from bottom, 2 Fighter from left, 2 Myrm from right Forts