LoA: Change Log

LEGENDS OF ATOSAN – Game Revisions

July 19, 2009

-Added Safestrike to Frenzied Assault

-Assess now counts for double rank for
Scout classes

-Changed Stealthy Tactics again: clause
changed to reduce “damage dealt to self and by self reduced to 0, ignoring
other modifiers.”

-Changed Mystic Affinity wording to
clarify that it works with any skill regardless of source

-Added Stat Surge status effect

-Added Aggression Surge status effect

-Added Toughness Surge status effect

 -Added Regeneration status effect

-Buffed Tower Shield base Ev from 3 to 4

-Changed lots of body armour stats and

-Removed the Weakness attribute for body
armour: now they all have their own Slicing/Piercing/Crushing adjustments,
known as S/P/C

-Adjusted rules for S/P/C

-Adjusted Ambush skill to affect new S/P/C
system now that Weakness is removed

-Clarified Elemental Guard enchant

July 8, 2009

-Clarified in description that Stealthy
Tactics damage reduction affects the user

-Changed Friends entry in the Terrain
Modifiers to reference the Synchro status effect

July 5, 2009

-Removed Flyer penalty for being in melee
inaccessible areas

-Added the Cover attribute for staging

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