LoA: Environmental Modifiers

Terrain/Environment Example Modifier Chart

Mod Type





Hit and Defence reduced by up to 5


2+ allied units in a staging area

When defending, +1 Defence to each unit.  This
bonus increases by an additional 1 for each supporting character.  This
bonus cannot exceed 3.


Sync characters in the same staging area

Adds Synchro (Rank) to the characters as long as
they remain together.


Allied units in adjacent staging area to the target
of attack

When attacking, +1 Hit & Defence for each adjacent
staging area with at least 1 supporting character in it.  2 or more
raises the bonus by an additional 1.

Directional Terrain Modifiers

Innate staging area ability

Applies to a single direction (N, E, S, W) of a
staging area.  May be a bonus or a penalty to Defence when attacked from
that side.  If the attacker is a flyer, the Defence bonus is reduced by
50% (penalties are increased by 50%).


Innate staging area ability

Applies to the whole staging area.  May be a
positive of negative value with positive implying a bonus.  The
following receive this value as a percent bonus/penalty to Hit: archers,
magic attacks, flyers.


Edge of the map


Water, Cliffs

Innate staging area ability

Only flying units can stop here.

(Note: Directional Terrain Modifiers for these
locations should be very high with Cover penalties).

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