Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 12

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Def Tonic x30, Str Tonic x10, Mag Tonic x10, Spd Tonic x4, Skl Tonic x4, Luk Tonic x14

-Tonics: Robin (Def, Mag)



-Start Robin at top-left spot

-Start Cordelia at the far right spot

-Bring Bronze Lance for Robin


Turn 1

-Robin moves 2 tiles below the Beast Killer Knight and kill him. If the two closest Cavs have Counter, push for 47 Attack (48 if either has Aegis+).

-Cordelia moves 1 tile up, 1 tile right

-Cherche pairs to Cordelia


Turn 2

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-Robin 4 tiles up, 3 tiles left, then unequip. Heal with Elixir, if necessary.

-Cordelia 5 tiles up, 3 tiles right.



Turn 3

-Robin 7 tiles up, 1 tile right. Heal as necessary to get near full HP.

-Cordelia up 8 tiles.

-EP: A bunch of weenies body block everyone else in attacking Robin so long as her HP isn’t too low.



Turn 4+

-A Short Spear Knight may body block the right bridge. Don’t panic. Just wait a turn. The weenies will still body block everyone else.

-Once the right bridge is clear, head all the way right. Heal as necessary.

-Take out all the 2-range. Retreat right to heal as necessary.

-Unequip lure enemies up to the gangplanks, then back up and kill them until Galeforce. Once acquired, can kite or slowly pick enemies off one at a time without needing to lure.