Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 15

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Bronze Lance forging for +5 Mt

-Tonics: Anna (Mag), Lucina (Mag), Morgan (Luk, Def), Robin (Def)



-Deploy Anna, Henry and Cordelia, Sumia and Cherche



Turn 1

-Anna + Henry can get 11 range on a Rescue staff, making it easy to snag Say’ri down to the beach.

-Pair Chrom to Robin. Move her over, swap to talk to Say’ri, then swap back.

-Position 2 other fliers next to Anna/Henry.

-Pair Say’ri to third flier.




Turn 2+

-Transfer and pair Anna and Henry to any of the other fliers, then move the fliers to safety.

-Morgan and Lucina clear the beach. Robin helps if needed. Try to get Chrom a couple kills on either Knights or Cavaliers who don’t have Counter (ideal targets are the two Iron Lance Knights).

-Fliers get out to Sea and hide. The left side has more safe space.