Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 16

-Renown Rewards Available: Spirit Dust

-Stat Boosters: Lucina (Mag)

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Hand Axe x3

-Tonics: Robin (Def), Morgan (Def), Lucina (Mag)


Turns 1-3

-Robin kills Bullion Thief, then kill SE-most Fighter. Beware if attacking him in melee because a melee Hero is barely in range. Then send Robin up the right side.

-Morgan and Lucina start picking apart the left side. Depending on Counter density, this may be a slow process with weak EPs.

-Over the first three turns, try to kill as much stuff as possible. Thanks to the number of possible Counter permutations and the enemy formation, this is going to have to be mostly YOLO. The more open space available, the more room to kite the reinforcements.


Turn 4

-Get back toward the center of the map.

-1 tile up, 2 tiles right from lowest sparkly tile can lure a Warrior reinforcement into fighting at 2 range


Turn 5

-If getting really pressed for space, leaving the party open to attack from the far right Falcos is generally safe because both of the reinforcements spawn with 2-range weapons.



-43 total Def is basically invincible against most enemies who don’t have Luna+ or Counter.

-The very top group of ground units by Cervantes is not on an aggro timer (note that the two fliers will aggro on their own, though), so it is generally safe to ignore them until the end. Just don’t get in attack range of any of its units.



-Turn 4: 2 Fighters, 2 Heroes, 2 Snipers (Longbows), 2 Warriors from the south

-Turn 5: 6 Falcos (3 Spears, 3 Silver Lances) from the NW (2), NE (2), SW (1) and SE (1), coming in partway up the east or west borders

-Turn 6: 6 BKs from the south