Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 18

-Stat Boosters: Robin (Boots)

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Arcfire x2

-Tonics: Robin (HP, Def), Morgan (HP, Def)



-Silver gear for Chrom. Primarily use Silver Sword. Any remaining Killing Edge is also a good substitute.

-Bring a couple tomes for Lucina, including the forged Elwind. She can use lances, but the GRs will have Lancebreaker, so she’ll primarily want to use tomes for at least the first half of the map.

-There is a thin 1×2 strip on the right side that limits enemy facings. It’s just a bit down and left from the top-right Griffon group. Robin will face at most 1 melee and 3 ranged. It’s safest to let non-Hawkeye Sages get into some of those spots so that they can bodyblock other 2-range and fail to hit against Tomebreaker. Same thing with the melee: find a one that aren’t particularly threatening and let them swing away at Robin and Morgan while they pick off the other units at 2-range.

-Be wary of the left-side Griffons. The top-left group can reach the turtling spot from where they start.

-Most enemies still have pretty weak Attack, so primary objective is avoiding eating Counter and Luna+ damage.