Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 19

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Beast Killer forged for +1 Mt and +10 Hit; x2, Armorslayer forged for +1 Mt and +10 Hit; x2

-Tonics: Robin(Str, HP, Def), Chrom (Str), Morgan (HP, Def, Luk)



-Enemy has a unit cap of 50, which stops reinforcements from spawning.

-Camp both pairs on some Forts and then Morgan shoots stuff with his bow. If Robin is still a Hero, try to kill two enemies per turn with Hand Axes, having Morgan trade-convoy them afterward. Try to save non-Counter Generals for Chrom to take down if he isn’t a Paladin yet and it looks like he won’t reach Cavalier 10 from Dual Striking. Also, beware who Robin kills. There are Silver Axe and Sword drops, so make sure to trade-convoy those too.

-Like with C18, try to let the melee who get in range be those who don’t have Hawkeye (especially if they also have Luna+). This is important because 2-rangers may come in with Hawkeye-Luna+ and it only takes a couple of them to cause a scary situation. The rest shouldn’t even have a serious hit chance and Counter is negated by unequipping/trading away weapons and bows.

-For Walhart, equip Chrom with a Silver Lance, then have Robin pick off the two Paladins. The Generals have ranged weapons, so Counter shouldn’t be an issue with them. Walhart is one of those rare cases of melee Counter being mostly ignorable. His high durability, coupled with Pavis+/Aegis+ means that he won’t reflect much damage (be careful to not have a crit rate against him, though) and Robin can attack from range during PP. Within a couple turns, Robin, with Chrom’s Dual Strikes, should have him whittled down. Lucina or Morgan can swoop in to kill steal if Robin barely fails to finish him.





-Turn 4: Top 4 left – Pal, DK, Pal, GK; top 4 right – Pal, BK, Pal, GK

-Turn 5: Mid 4 both – Pal, GK, Pal, Gen (2-range)

-Turn 6: Bot 4 both – Pal, Gen (2-range), Wyv, Wyv (2-range)

-Turn 7: Top 2, bot 2 left – Pal, DK, Gen (2-range), Wyv, Wyv (2-range); top 2, bot 2 right – Pal, BK, Gen (2-range), Wyv, Wyv (2-range)

-Turn 8: All Forts spawn the same enemies as they did on previous turns.