Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 6

-Renown Rewards Available: Energy Drop.

-Stat Boosters: Chrom (Energy Drop)

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Def Tonic x4. If you haven’t already forged a +12 Crit Thunder, do so now. If you had to do the Thunder earlier and meet the benchmark (19 Mag) for the +4 Mt, +5 Hit Flux, consider making that.

-Tonics: Robin (Def)



-Start Fred and Virion on the right side

-Lissa, Maribelle, Robin and Ricken on the left side

-If Ricken brings four junk items, Gaius can take Panne’s Concoction, then fill his inventory with Ricken’s junk. If he loots from the chest, he can then convoy the Concoction so that Robin can pull it out if she needs it.




-19 Mag to one-shot non-Aegis+ Thieves with the forged Flux; 20 Mag to one-round if they have Aegis+.

-Once Fred has dealt with the Thief, depending on enemy skillsets, he may be able to lure a Fighter or Cav away from Lucina and keep them busy.

-Emm is durable enough to tank a Dark Mage, even if it has Luna+ or a Cavalier that doesn’t have Luna+. Keep this in mind in case you have to let something through.

-If Fred gets into trouble with the kiting, swing him over toward the wall of Emm’s room and Rescue him in.

-If Robin gets into trouble and has to kill a Counter enemy on a turn instead of being able to heal, Maribelle (with Gaius for extra move, if necessary) can run over and heal bomb her, getting Rescued back by Lissa after (just be aware of Rescue range at all times).


Turn 1

-Robin left of Fighter by closest to Lucina. Kill him in melee, even if he has Counter. Use Crit Thunder to try to mitigate damage.

-Move Fred down to 1 tile just below the aisle between the sets of pillars. He should be two tiles into the range of the Thief and nothing else.

-Move unpaired Lissa into Emm’s room.

-Pair Ricken to Maribelle. Move to just above Robin, trade Flux to top of inventory, then heal, if necessary.

-Note that if Robin fails to kill the Fighter, Ricken may need to be given to Lissa instead of Maribelle. Then Maribelle can still heal Robin while Lissa Rescues her away. If the Fighter is looking weak enough and Robin can survive the incoming DM and Thief, it’s also possible to still pair Ricken to Maribelle, then have Ricken finish off the Fighter.



Turn 2

-Move Robin two tiles right and kill the Fighter (make sure to use the forged Flux again if any incoming Thieves have Aegis+ or Counter). Note that this movement will body block a Dark Mage and cause him to go after Robin instead. This greatly increases Lucina’s chances of survival (this turn).

-If the right side Thief lived (Pavise+), Fred should move 5 tiles up and Vulnerary, if necessary (Pavise+/Counter or Pavise+/Luna+ together can cause him serious pain). If the Thief is dead, Fred can try to draw the Fighter who is not in range of Lucina away (fighting him with the Bronze Sword if he doesn’t have Counter, otherwise, just unequip decoying).

-There are two things Maribelle can do now. If Robin needs healing, go heal her from above. Lissa can then Rescue Maribelle to safety through the door. If Robin doesn’t need healing, Maribelle should be able to just go into Emm’s room (go all the way to make room for Panne).

-Move Panne just inside Emm’s room.

-Fred with 24 Attack can make the Fighter group closest to him safer given certain combinations of skills. Fred’s 13 base Str plus Orsin’s 4 Mt and a Str Tonic means that he needs to make up for 5 Attack somewhere. With 14 Str, Fred needs Vaike. With 15 Str, he can take either Virion (assuming a C support) or Kellam. The conditions for this to work is that only one of the enemies can have Counter and that enemy cannot have HP+5 or Pavise+ at the same time. Note that in engaging the Fighters, they are very likely to target him instead of Lucina (allows her to weaken the Cavs for Robin instead), so be aware and position so that Fred can use his 7 Move to disengage. Assuming a Fred who has reached level 3, gaining no Def and the minimum 30 HP, he can survive combat if only one of the Fighters has Luna+. In order for this to work, he must meet one of the follow conditions: using Kellam as a partner; using Virion at C support and attack from the Pillar tile (or use a Def Tonic); or using Vaike with a Def Tonic (this optional strat is not shown in the screenshots).





Turn 3

-Move Robin beside Gaius, swap to Chrom and recruit him. Swap back to Robin and kill the Fighter 2 tiles above her.

-Pair Gaius onto Panne.

-Get all the characters in Emm’s room outside of the Dark Mage’s range.

-From here on out, it’s mostly improvisation to avoid as much Counter as possible. If the left side is looking really bad for that with the remaining Fighter and Cavaliers, try to have Fred draw a right side Cavalier away from the fight if he can spare the HP. Note that this has to be the far one, as the closest one will target Lucina.

-Lucina will very likely die this turn, but she should be able to seriously harm a Counter enemy or two before she goes down.




Turn 4+

-From here, you’ll need to YOLO the rest the best that you can, working with the Counter formations. The Crit Thunder basically exists to improve survival if you’re forced to face Counter enemies in melee (mind being at 1-range to the pillars against the mages, as they’ll go there to attack if they’re unoccupied!).

-The one enemy that cannot be allowed to live is the final Thief. If left to his own devices, he will open the door and with multiple Cavs nearby, that will likely mean a dead Emm. He can be dealt with by picking him off or, if Robin needs heals or to pick someone else off, even just ending the turn in his attack range (since the Thieves will prioritize attacking over opening locks).

-Once the Thieves are all dead, the side passage will be the only way to get into Emm’s room. This may allow Robin to just bottleneck the rest of the enemies to death (possibly utilizing trade-convoying her tomes to avoid Counter). Beware Pass in this case.

-Unequipped Gaius can tank a hit from the Cavaliers—even a Luna+ hit. This can be used to pull one of the left Cavaliers away from attacking Robin. If the Cavalier doesn’t have Pavise+ or Aegis+, the combination of Panne/Gaius and Ricken/Maribelle won’t kill it (otherwise, they have exactly enough damage). One of the notable things about this strat is that it works even if the Cavalier has Counter, just so long as it doesn’t have Luna+ (Panne will live with 2 HP). If the Cavalier does have Counter and Luna+, a last resort strat would be to keep it jammed up in the door with Gaius and having both Maribelle and Lissa heal him until Robin can come back to help. Beware of positioning, however, in case this is the first Cav and the second has Pass.

-Ricken makes a preferred target through the walls, which can reduce risk from Luna+ and Hawkeye Dark Mages (beware of Anathema).


-Note that fighting on the pillars and keeping the rest of the team up against the back wall should keep Validar from ever being able to get into range of anyone but Robin. This does, however, leave her on her own for healing in the event that Validar has a dangerous skillset.