Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Paralogue 2

-Stat Boosters: Chrom (Energy Drop)

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Wind x3, Concoction x2 (if running low on them).



-Deploy Sumia, Robin, Chrom, Cordelia.

-Position Cordelia and Sumia so that they can both reach the Mage across the river, as well as so that Robin can reach Cordelia and Chrom can reach Sumia.



Turn 1

-Pair Robin to Cordelia. Move her 2 tiles to the left of the Mage. If it has Counter, she may need to Javelin to soften him up.

-Pair Chrom to Sumia. Move Sumia to the right of Cordelia, swap to Chrom and transfer for Robin. Swap to Robin and kill the Mage (if Cordelia killed the Mage, then just wait).



Turn 2

-Have Robin attack the Boss’s group by picking off one of the melee. Prioritize Counter first.

-Separate Cordelia and Sumia, but keep them out of range.

-EP: The Boss’s team dies.


Turn 3+

-If Anna gets taken out really early, the closest remaining Barb will start heading back. Pick him off.

-Transfer-pair Robin and Chrom to Cordelia and Sumia. Fly them up to the island in the middle of the lake. The two bottom tiles are vulnerable to 2-range attack, but the top ones are safe. Rearrange to get Robin/Chrom into the bottom tiles and hide the fliers at the top. Keep ending turn until all the 2-range are dead.

-With the 2-rangers dead, the fliers can now try to lure the enemies into positions near the island. This will allow Cordelia to Javelin a few guys and get herself to level 10. Once she’s done this, the same technique can be used a few times to have Robin pick off enemies across the water.

-There will likely be stragglers who don’t want to be manipulated. If a lot of them have Counter, fly Robin/Chrom into the mountains and pick the Barbs off as they try to traverse it. Their very poor mobility should keep Robin from having to face much, if any, Counter.


Middle Island

-Enemy 2-range can reach where Robin and Chrom are. Cordelia and Sumia are in completely safe spots.