Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Paralogue 3

Tonics: Robin (Def), Lissa (Mag)



-41 Attack will one-shot non-HP+5 Fighters through Woods tiles. 37 for Mercs.

-Villagers don’t seem to like Mountains. Rescue will not move them onto one. It also appears to behave oddly with them and Woods tiles.

-The Villagers head toward the SW corner. Securing it with either 2-range all dead, or enough melee to body block, it’s easy enough to just turtle it. Knights can’t walk on Mountains. They like to act before Archers and will happily body block them to get in a melee swing.

-Lissa needs 10 Mag so a Tonic can take her to 6 Rescue range.


-Robin in the spot closest to the bridge

-Cordelia and Sumia in spots close to the river

-Bring on Fred: Bronze Sword, Orsin’s, Silver Lance, Vulnerary, Concoction



Turn 1

-Move Robin south into the Pegs’ range and equip the forged Wind

-Pair Fred to Cordelia and move Cordelia south and close to Robin as possible without getting into enemy range

-Pair Lissa to Sumia. Move into the forest and drop Lissa such that after the Villagers all move 2 tiles left, she can reach the topmost one



Turn 2

-Lissa heals the topmost Villager (this will divert either a Merc or an Archer in EP)

-Position Sumia 3 tiles away from Lissa, somewhere toward Robin

-Move Robin down to kill the Knight

-Move Cordelia into the bottom-left safe spot and swap to Fred



Turn 3

-Move Robin to kill the closest Barb

-Pair Lissa onto Sumia. Move Sumia below Robin. Trade away and convoy tomes (assuming both enemy Barbs have Counter, otherwise, can forgo this step). Rescue surviving Villager.

-If Fred can safely engage the bottom-left corner Barb, go into melee with a sword equipped. Otherwise, wait or go in unequipped.



Turn 4

-Robin kills the nearest Barb with crit Thunder. There is some risk if the Archer went after the Villager instead of the Merc because it’s possible to end up facing two Counter melee (Vengeance and crit gives decent odds of survival; using the forged tomes may also allow for one-shots).

-If Fred engaged the Barb, move 1 tile right and heal if necessary. If not, move to 2 tiles right of the Barb. Tank unequipped if necessary.

-Lissa move all the way down and Rescue Villager into just Archer’s range. She can heal him over and over and the Archer will ignore her if she can’t be one-rounded.


Turn 5+

-Robin finishes off Fred’s Barb

-Lissa heals the Villager until he’s in the far corner

-Try to have Robin engage as many non-Counter melee and 2-range as possible to thin out the crowd before turtling. If expecting to turtle, try to leave the melee Knight alive.

-Get into the corner to turtle with unequipped Robin in front, Lissa in the back and Fred on the Mountain (Knights will body block 2-range from targeting Lissa). Robin can then kill stuff at range with Lissa trade-convoying.

-Once all the 2-rangers are dead, use transfer shenanigans to get Sumia out above Fred while keeping Cordelia on him. Sumia then goes out to get the Blessed Bow.