MLP: FiM – Shaded Fillyshy

This is my first submission for the DA Artist Training Group’s 7th (geez, has it really been that long?) theme: draw a pony chilling.

No creative interpretation for this entry. Fillyshy is just hanging out, relaxing and looking shy… well, she originally looked shy in the sketch. Somehow in the shading process she became some combination of shy/sleepy/stoned. *shrug* Not that that will stop fillyshy from being cute, anyway.

This was my first time shading a pony body, so some of it came out a little rough, but I’m really happy with how easily the face came to me this time. I’m particularly proud of the portion of her hair blocking her other eye. The snout is something that gave me a lot of trouble with the last two portraits of Twilight, but this time, it took maybe a half dozen tries to get the right tone in the right place. I think I’m really starting to get the hang of this and damn if it isn’t fun (*insert Twilight style YESYESYES*)!

Edit: The fact that Fillyshy wasn’t looking what I drew in my sketchbook on some monitors has come to my attention, so I turned the brightness down on the picture in general. I guess that’ll teach me to be arrogant and not adjust for my mediocre scanner.

About Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I'm a computer programmer by trade, but I tend to dabble in many different creative activities.
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1 Response to MLP: FiM – Shaded Fillyshy

  1. Alana says:

    Her eyes are scary big, but I like the little hair curl at the ends. Don’t be afraid to use darker shading values (or maybe the scanning was a little shoddy?).

    I will pretend she is having a sugar crash.

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