MLP: FiM – Owl Shipped (Fiction)

This is my submission for the Writer Training Grounds’ week 7 theme: write something inspired by a song.

Song: Sleepless City Treno (can you tell I’m a video game geek yet?)

Ok, for anyone wondering just what I’ve been smoking, the answer is nothing. However, the story behind this story’s inception is that last week the Training Grounds IRC adopted a bot it named Owloysius. This bot happens to spew random crack ships when asked. In the course of less than an hour (probably almost less than thiry minutes, actually), I/my ponysona were shipped with Dashie three times. Although I/my ponysona would get along much better with say Twilight or Fluttershy, I took it as the owl saying “Kuroi, you should write a lesbian self-insert OC/Dashie shipping fic. Try not to get flamed too hard.” So because I am insane, I said “Okay!”

Anyway, since the theme is to be inspired by a song, I flipped through my iPod on shuffle looking for a song that gave me the feel of how the somewhat incompatible personalities of the two pegasi would be like. Then Treno came up, which said “slow, awkward and theatrical” to me and I said “Close enough!” The shipping is actually really, really light and could even be interpretted as not shipping depending on how the reader looks at it. But I didn’t want to write anything cloppy (since I’m not into that) and wanted to keep things short so… this is the result.

Owl Shipped

Dusky Down sat on her haunches, a gentle breeze dancing through her mane as she worked at the diner table. A small stub of charcoal between her teeth, the pegasus penned a verse about her recent snowstorm experience. She paused to glance around. Although the blizzard had occurred just over a mere week ago, there was no trace left in today’s sunny spring morning. Despite usually being part of the weather team, the stark difference the Winter Wrap Up made always amazed her.

The clip clopping of hooves stole her train of thought and she looked over to find Rainbow Dash standing across the table from her. The other mare wore her usual air of confidence, even propping up a foreleg and leaning forward. However, as their eyes met, Dash’s flicked away for a split second.

“Hey,” the blue pony said, her discs of amethyst fixed on Dusky.

Dusky set her charcoal aside, “Oh, hello, Rainbow. Can I help you?”

Rainbow Dash glanced over her shoulder, “I, uh, wanted to say sorry. About before, that is.”

The charcoal pegasus looked down at the table, “That’s all right. I wasn’t exactly all that helpful and we were all pretty high strung…”

“Still, it wasn’t very cool to blame you. Let me make it up to you.”

Dusky looked up again, “No, really, it’s quite-”

She blinked. There was a naked sincerity in Rainbow Dash’s widened eyes Dusky had never seen in her coworker.

Curiosity got the best of her and the charcoal pony relented, “-nice of you. And I’m probably due for a break anyway.”

“Great. You like flying, right?”

“Come on, do it already!” Rainbow Dash shouted impatiently from below.

“I don’t know… that looked pretty complicated,” Dusky shouted back, hovering just above where the other mare had started her run.

“Don’t be such a wuss! Even Fluttershy can do it!” Dash called, scowling as she flew back up.

“Really?” the charcoal pegasus shot Rainbow a skeptical look.
“Yea, now go!”

Dusky took a deep breath and dropped into a dive. She gulped nervously as she closed in on the grass, waiting for the exact right moment. When she was about a dozen feet off the ground, she leveled off, spinning and flapping her wings.

‘I’m doing it! I might actually pull this off!’ she thought to herself as she flew upside down.

After a few moments, she flapped again to turn herself upright again and felt something clip her wing. With a cry of surprise, she spun about, heading straight for the ground. She flailed violently in an attempt to regain some semblance of control, but soon found her hooves touching down at an awkward angle. The pegasus stumbled for a few steps before tripping over herself and rolling over at least a half dozen times.

When she finally stopped, Dusky was left gasping for breath. Through blurred eyes she saw a spinning blob of rainbow colour appear over her.

“Hey, you all right?”

“Y-yea… just a little… winded…” she answered as her world finally stopped moving. “Fluttershy… she can really… do that?”

Dash pressed her nose up against Dusky’s flank, “Well, I might have lied about that.”

“You’re a jerk,” the charcoal said as she allowed Rainbow to help her up.

Rainbow Dash simply grinned.

Dusky nibbled the platter of grass in between earfuls of Dash’s stories. The blue pony’s eyes flicked back and forth as she flourished her hooves. The charcoal pegasus was actually quite surprised. She was used to a more full on arrogance from her coworker. But when Rainbow talked about her friends, most of that attitude was dropped, leaving behind a very honest kind of excitement.

“And then we loop-the-loop around and…”

Without thinking, Dusky found herself watching those amethysts, following each movement, each dilation.

“… thought she could fool me with that Shadowbolt junk…”

Dusky blinked a couple times, realizing she had zoned out. She mentally shook her head, wondering what that was all about.

“… sweet necklaces. Mine was the coolest, of course.”

“So you just sit up here and stare at the ground?”

“Well, I wouldn’t put it that way. I like to watch the world around me. I find it inspiring,” Dusky said, glancing over the side of the cloud.

“It just sounds so boring. I’d rather be flying or napping. But whatever floats your egghead boat,” Dash flourished her wings and grinned.

“Egghead?” Dusky raised an eyebrow. “Do we really have to discuss that again?”

“Oh, come on, it was a joke,” Rainbow’s smirk broadened as she stuck out her tongue. “Anyway, I’ve got a few things to clean up before the end of the night.”

“Take care. It’s been fun,” the charcoal pony smiled back.

“You too, I’ll see you around,” Dash waved as she turned to leave.

‘Ah, well that was surprisingly relaxing,’ Dusky thought to herself, closing her eyes. Rainbow certainly was quite nice once she opened up. Not that being strong headed was necessarily a bad thing but… she just found this side of the blue pony so much more conversational.

Something warm touched her cheek and she almost jumped. Her eyes snapped open, but when she glanced around, Rainbow Dash was gone. Although she thought she could make out some poorly stifled giggling. Dusky smiled and shook her head.

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