MLP: FiM – Two Worlds (Fiction)

This is my submission for the Writer’s Training Grounds’ week 10 theme: write about a pony alone for a day. By the very strictest definition, I think this wouldn’t fit the theme, but the muse goes where the muse will.

Anyway, I had the core idea of the conflict in mind ever since the WATG collective banned season 2 spoilers for the weekend. I started writing it down, then Pinkie Pie got involved and things spiralled out of control. I have a suspicion that the result will either be great or fall totally flat for each different person. So, uh, have some unedited randomness.

This would again be a snippet, although I think the very end of this snippet would be a scene cut in a complete story.

Two Worlds

Pinkie Pie sat in her super secret room, the one hidden in the very back of the kitchen, behind the third shelf. She shifted her eyes to the left, then to the right. The Cakes knew to leave her be whenever she came back here, but she liked the dramatic effect.

She looked down at the manilla envelope, its tan face, bright red ‘TOP SECRET PARTY INFORMATION INSIDE’ and the tinny grey table underneath illuminated by a single candle. Time to get to business.

She planted a hoof firmly on the envelope, clenching the tab between her powerful jaws and tore straight across in one motion. The top of a white paper poked out now, ready for the grabbing. And that is just what Pinkie Pie did. She set the document face up on top of the envelope.

“Hmmm,” she nodded, putting a hoof to her chin, once more for drama as she had not yet begun reading. After a few more nods, the pink pony decided she had built up enough tension and got to reading the letter.

Agent Pinkie Pie,
Other informants from led us to believe that Discord is on the verge of completing his vilest plan yet.

Pinkie gasped.

Last night a pegasus patrol intercepted a disc making its way to one of toward one of the Equestrian Internet Terminals. Contained on this disc was spoiler footage of Discord himself.

She gasped again.

He knows of the current divide between the pro-spoiler and the anti-spoiler. He also knows the secret of the true power of ponykind. Therefore, he seeks to distribute these spoilers so as to cause hate and infighting among the Brony and Pegasis community. Should their harmony be disrupted, we will be weakened significantly. And with the ravenousness of the Internet, should he deploy a disc, there will be no turning back.

“No way!” Pinkie mouthed.

However, Discord knows we are on to his plans. More than likely, he also knows your identity. Resistance will be high and we are unable to send you reinforcements. Use your influence with Twilight Sparkle once more. Gather her and the other Elements of Harmony. It is time they learn about The Wall. Once they are up to speed, set out for the Everfree terminal. Guard it with you life.

“Whoa, this is some serious stuff, don’t you agree, reader person?” the pink pony turned to… look at you? Stop that, Pinkie!

“Aw, c’mon, lighten up! Don’t worry, we’ll keep your minds safe! Just don’t lose faith in us!” she grinned and winked at no pony in particular. Yes, no. Pony. In. Particular.


Just then the ground shook violently and a loud crash could be heard from the kitchen. Mrs. Cake screamed.

“Uh, oh, sounds like trouble. Good thing Trouble is my middle name. Oh, no, wait, it’s Diane.”

The wall to the kitchen came crashing down, bricks and mortar turning into unbreathable powder. Pinkie coughed loudly as she reached into hammerspace and produced her infrared gas mask. Donning it, she flipped the on switch. She was just in time to see a clawed metal hand thrust her way.

“Oh, no you don’t,” she rolled nimbly to the side. With the grace of a secret agent pony (because she totally was on), she cartwheeled off the table into a hard buck that sent the killer robot flying. As Pinkie trotted clear of the cloud of dust to the kitchen, she struck a pose.

The robot, a treaded beast with a hammery smashy arm and the aforementioned grabby claw arm was now rising to its feet. Its sensors flashed around the room and the pink pony did not bother to move as they washed over her.

“Target acquired,” the killer robot beeped out as it advanced, its claw hand bunching up into a drill and spinning wildly.

“So you wanna play, huh? Well we’ll play all right. Play around big time!” she yelled out. The mask fell from her face and she shoved her head into her hammerspace. Out came one of her ‘special’ invitations. She pulled the tab and hurled it straight at the robot, then ducked back into the secret room.

An explosion rang out as multi-coloured lights flashed in from the hole. Pinkie leaped into action, clearing the corner in an instant. The robot was still standing, but the invitation had clearly hit home. Both arms lay fragmented and useless on the ground.

“Aha! Seems I’ve disarmed you! But don’t expect me to go easy on you!” the pink pony charged, jumping into the air and landing a frontwards drop kick on the killer machine. It toppled over with a clang. She trampled the head until sparks begin to fly out, at which point she struck a victory pose.

One of the outer walls collapsed and three more of the robots rolled their way into the room.

“More guests, huh? Good, because this pony can party all night long!”

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