MLP: FiM – Cupcake Buddies (Fiction)

Tags: Normal, Randomish, Pinkie Pie, Dashie
Description: Pinkie Pie loses a cupcake and enlists Dashie’s help to make more. The result is unlike anything anypony has seen before.

This is my submission for the Writer Training Grounds’ week 12 theme, which is to use a prompt with opening and ending templates. The template I used is Pineapple’s. To make things interesting or possible completely weird, I used an adjective randomizor for both adjectives.

Opening: “It was a [pleasant] and [unsuccessful] [mourning] in [Ponyville].”

Ending: “I’m going to regret this.”

I basically had nothing for an idea for any of the three prompts until today. And then it kind of clicked. Well, not really, those adjectives were kind of weird to work with. I don’t think the story turned out all that compelling, but it more or less works and keeps to the prompt, so yea. This is another totally unedited work. Also, coming up with a title was kind of hard since a certain other fic has made having cupcakes in the wrong place in a title have bad implications.

Cupcake Buddies

It was a pleasant and unsuccessful mourning in Ponyville. Mostly because nopony was dead. Pinkie Pie was simply mourning having dropped her only cupcake on the ground. Normally she would have called five second rule, but the silly thing bounced off into the creek. But she knew she could just get more at Sugarcube Corner, so the mourning was actually rather short lived and even nice by normal mourning standards.

So off the pink pony trotted, still as happy as could be. As she approached the store, she noticed two pegasi, one of which was Rainbow Dash, talking in front of the window. Right before she arrived the second pegasus, a charcoal black mare waved and took off into the sky.

“Rainbow Dash! Hi!” Pinkie bounced up and down.

“Oh, hi, Pinkie Pie,” Dash smiled as she turned.

“Whatcha doin?””

The pegasus smile drooped into a frown of annoyance, “I have the rest of the day off because somepony messed up the cloud shipment again. We had to move today’s storm to tomorrow.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Hey, since you’re free, do you wanna go get cupcakes?”

“I guess I am getting hungry. Sure, why not?”

“Okay!” the pink pony bounced past Rainbow Dash to the door, pushing her way in. Her mouth fell pen when she noticed there were no cupcakes to be found. None of the display cases held a single one of the delicious confection.

Mrs. Cake looked up from the counter, pink mane bobbing as she did, “Hello, Pinkie, you’re back early.”

“Yep, we came to get some cupcakes!”

“Oh, well, sorry girls. I just finished selling all of them to the Cutie Mark Crusaders.”

“Huh? But that’s like four dozen cupcakes,” the pink pony tilted her head.

Mrs. Cake nodded.

“What do they need so many for?” Dash’s expression was equally confused.

“Well, I did happen to hear them shout ‘Cutie Mark Delivery Service is a go!’ before I left the store, so I suppose somepony else needs them.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense,” Rainbow said.

“If you can wait a little bit, I’ll bake up a fresh batch right away.”

“That’s okay, Mrs. Cake. I can do it,” Pinkie smiled, turning to Rainbow Dash. “Wanna help me make some cupcakes?”

“Sure, why not? How hard can it be?”

Pinkie kept pouring, more and more sugar filling the bowl until there was a small mound popping over the rim.

“Uh, Pinkie?” Dash tilted her head. She rarely baked, but she was pretty sure cupcakes were not made by just dumping sugar into a bowl.

“Yes, Dashie?”

“You didn’t leave room for anything else.”

“Oh, yea! Hehe, sometimes I get carried away like that! Oh, I know, we’ll just make more cupcakes!” the pink pony gestured wildly as she talked, finally ending by fluidly retrieving a second bowl from under the counter and slamming it dramatically onto the counter. With one swift motion she scooped up the first bowl and very carefully poured half of the sugar into the second.

Rainbow sighed, deciding to ignore Pinkie’s silliness for the moment, “Whatever, what now?”

The pink pony rattled off a bunch of ingredients and the two of them set about measuring and pouring for each batch. This happened a couple more times until they finally had the batter ready. A couple mishaps involving stirring spoons and flying batter later and severals trays had made their way into the oven.

The fruits of their labour sat on the table, icing piled twice as high as the cake portion. Sprinkles of all kinds were practically falling off the frosting. Rainbow Dash picked up one of the sugar rushes waiting to happen and sniffed it. She drew back a bit. Just smelling the thing made her feel hyper. She wondered just how much sugar Pinkie had actually put in.

“What’s wrong?” Pinkie asked.

“Don’t you think we might have used too much sugar?”

“Pfffff, don’t be silly, there’s no such thing! Come on, try one!” the pink pony tossed a cupcake into the air, openng her mouth wide. With one gulp, the confection was gone, wrapper and all. A few seconds passed as Rainbow Dash stared at her friend. After a few more moments, Pinkie simply smiled.

As she brought the cupcake up to her mouth, the pegasus sighed, “I think… I’m going to regret this.”

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