MLP: FiM – Lusty Seapony Movie Poster Final

Wow, okay, finally done this. This is my first submission for the Artist Training Grounds’ week 37 theme: draw a pony movie poster. This is basically what I came up with when I wondered what a poster might look like for our IRC RP if it were a movie.

There were way too many colour schemes involved in this for so short a project. Next time I’ll have to either hold back or spend another half dozen hours on it.

This ran me about 11 hours over 3 days.

As far as the cast goes, from left to right:

Above the sign:
-Blizzard Breeze (jqlgirl)
-Heartfelt (oddlyenough2)
-Whiteout (mlp-whiteout)

Sides of the sign:
-Mary (Fatum–Inanis, character’s tumblr)
-Sue (Fatum–Inanis, character’s tumblr)

Below the sign:
-Terrabona (terribletransit)
-Mahogany (brokenhero0409, character’s tumblr)
-Meteorite (rytel-prinny)
-Dusky Down (mine, character’s tumblr)
-Night Flurry (Invidlord, character’s tumblr)
-Nassy (nightofaccordionsax)
-Hoof Prance Lovecolt (shaderyuinari, character’s tumblr)
-Delta Penrose Pangaea (delta-pangaea)
-Aqua Brandish (mizukame)

About Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I'm a computer programmer by trade, but I tend to dabble in many different creative activities.
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