MLP: FiM – Dusky’s Prom Dress

This is my submission for the pony prom tumblr event. The overall design was pretty much decided on a whim, just brainstorming and sketching whatever back when I was at Comic-Con. I thought I might modify it, but sketching it again, I just felt it fit.

Since I subconsciously ripped off traditional Chinese dresses, I decided to stick with red, which contrasts against Dusky’s eyes anyway, so that was a pretty easy one. I was debating betwen silver and golden yellow for the trimming and in the end I decided red and golden yellow must be tradition for a reason and stuck with it. The rose barrette (almost wanted to do an earring, but something about the barrette just felt more right) and clasp are white so they stand out a bit more.

Come ask me questions at

EDIT: Because of the way things worked out this week (week of June 1, 2012), plus having done this just before the week 49 theme: design a pony outfit started, I’m doubling it up as the first submission.

About Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I'm a computer programmer by trade, but I tend to dabble in many different creative activities.
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