MLP: FiM – Aug NATG2012 Day 11 – Ready to Go!

Apple Bloom is just finishing fixing up Scoots’ scooter and has made a neat little addition. Scoots likes what she sees. Anyway, this is my submission for the Aug NATS2012 Day 11 theme: draw a pony on the mend or fixing something. And this is actually extra NATGy since it’s essentially a do over of this drawing.

Tropers around from early May 2011 onward may recognize the original as my first attempt at ponies (it’s actually 3 really badly edited together drawings for a mock-up that never got finalized). So here it is: comparison of my current skill to my absolute first go at ponies. The difference is rather painful.

Anyway, the story behind how the idea even started is we were discussing where the CMC might end up once they discovered their special talents. Unfortunately for Sweetie, inspiration didn’t pull her into the drawing.

For Scoots I was and still am fairly sure it’s quite plausible for her to end up a stunt performer. Therefore the suit and the goggled helmet (and the rocket scooter). For her cutie mark I went with a whirlwind because honestly, that’s pretty much what she is when she’s on that scooter.

For Apple Bloom I’ve always seen her as a sort of handpony as she demonstrates affinity for working with any manual craft. In the original I gave her a socket wrench for a cutie mark, but I decided a toolbox suited her versatility. I also changed the tool belt design because it never really sat well with me that it looked like a good lean forward would dump everything onto the floor. So I opted for a chest harness instead, which while not able to hold as much, looks much better.

About Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I'm a computer programmer by trade, but I tend to dabble in many different creative activities.
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