MLP: FiM – Aug NATG2012 Day 30.1 – Rallying

This is my first submission for the Aug NATG2012 Day 30 theme: redo any previous theme or make a late submission. Like last year, I decided that meant I was going to do all 29 themes again. Although unlike last year I couldn’t cram it all into one page without wrecking the flow.

First page
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Guide to which theme is where (In no particular order and note that it’s for all 3 pages, so there WILL be SPOILERS):
Moving On/Charging – AJ in p16-1
On hilltop/at peak – Everypony is fighting as close to their peak as they can
Conflict/grizzly combat – Pretty much everything in all 3 pages
Motion/on the go – p16-1
Hanging out/with friend – Everypony has friends everywhere
Decision/waffling – p17-3
In command/in the lead – p16-3
Under pressure/feeling the heat – Everypony the entire time
Acrobatic/stable – Dashie is acrobatic
Masquerading/Fancy – Rarity is fancy; Pinkie could be said to be masquerading in a way too on p17
Traveling/exotic – p16-1; RariZebra in p17-2
Reaching out/helping – Scarred!Twi and her friends arrive to land a rainbow in p16-3
Celebrating/Graduating – p17-3 Discord is quite happy Pinkie is turning coat
Smiling or beaming/having a ball – Plenty of smiling from both Pinkie and Discord
Something new – Both sets of main six teaming up for the double Rainbow of Harmony attack
Fixing/on the mend – p18-3 is fixing the mess Discord made
Singing/Wailing – 18-3 Discord “Nooooo!”ing
Idle/idling – Pinkie’s feint causes Discord to stop attacking in p17-2…
Inquisitive/puzzled – …where he also looks puzzled
In the Dark/Staying up late – Discord is left in the dark by Pinkie’s feint on p17
Romantic/on date – Pinkie fake bedroom eying Discord in p17-1 and 3
Secret/Master Thief – p17. Pinkie has a secret and Discord doesn’t know.
Searching/Finding Treasure – p17-4: Pinkie’s hind legs were searching for just the right place to lay on the hurt
Cooking/with plate – p17-1: Pinkie cooking up her scheme as she bedroom eyes
Fave game, movie or book/media – p16-2: Dashie becomes a pony/media hybrid
Prop/material pony – p16-2: Dashie IS the prop. AJ’s hat also counts.
Filly or colt/tiny pony – p16-2: AJ
Makeover/using mousse – p16-2: Any of Dashie, AJ and Rarity
Different species/transforming – p16-2: Any of Dashie, AJ and Rarity, although Rarity and Dashie cover both definitions (provided living TVs count as a species)

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