Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 23

-Stat Boosters: Chrom (Goddess Icon)

-Tonics: Robin (HP, Mag, Luk, Def), Morgan (HP, Str, Luk, Def), Lucina (Str)






-Basilio/Flavia should move left. Morgan moves up, then runs interference to prevent enemies from closing on Basilio. Robin goes right initially to lure enemies that way. After a turn or two, she doubles back left using a Galeforce boost. This should then allow a rate of killing to protect Basilio until T7, when the team can start safely kiting south.

-Morgan and Lucina are relatively safe aggressively clearing out approaching enemies on the left side until T5.

-If Validar doesn’t have Hawkeye, Tomebreaker makes him completely harmless. Otherwise, the fight with him is probably going to involve a lot of defensive play with a Robin/Morgan pair and Morgan using one of the legendary weapons. Between Chrom, Lucina and Basilio, Robin should have a near-capped support level, though. Prepare to burn through Elixirs and Concoctions if he has Vengeance or Luna+ to go with Hawkeye.



-Turn 4: Sorc, General, Hero from right stairs

-Turn 5: Hero, General, Assassin from right stairs; Hero, Zerker, Sorc from left stairs

-Turn 6: Both sets similar to T5.