MLP:FiM – Mouse Drawn Dolled Up Twilight

Wow… this took way too long. This is my first end to end digital drawing, drawn with my mouse, since I don’t own a tablet. I started out fumbling around with a sketch for about an hour with the result looking like something drawn by an 8 year old. Then I did the usual tracing job, which didn’t take too long. After that, the fill tool decided to be lazy. I couldn’t get the last few pixels up against the lines to fill without hitting a threshold that caused the lines themselves to fill. So I had to do a lot of manual touching up, which is where the way too long part came from.

The story behind the concept for this one is someone on TVTropes mentioned that my pencil shaded Twilight looked a bit like she was wearing lipstick. This got me thinking that it would be fun to actually draw something like that. I realized Rarity had already been done in episode 16, which then got me thinking: what if I drew Twilight in that make-up? The result is… uh, well, something that actually weirds me out a bit. >.>

2 Responses to MLP:FiM – Mouse Drawn Dolled Up Twilight

  1. Alana says:

    Twilight, why are you girlie?? Tristan, you really put her through a lot! However, the art style is kinda cool.

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