Request: Sholryk

The ponification of one of four lords that Eventua from the TVTropes thread I frequent requested a drawing for. This pony represents rage. I knew this would be a good pony to try doing something more dynamic with, so I took the opportunity and ran with it. He’s digging in, getting ready to charge and smash whatever made him
angry. The belts on the hind hooves gave me some trouble, but a couple tries allowed me to muddle through it.

This is probably the easiest colouring job I’ve had so far. The lack of complicated hair made tracing pretty fast and even those belts weren’t much of a substitute in terms of difficulty.

3 Responses to Request: Sholryk

  1. Alana says:

    “The lack of complicated hair…” You mean pure baldness! XD

    • Hehe, not quite. He does have a tail. But aside from being big, it’s really simple (the other ponies in the lords set have more ‘volume adding’ extra lines). Fun fact, though: the original design did have him completely bald, but then someone pointed out in the thread how weird that looked and a tail was added to the design before I began the drawing.

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