MLP: FiM – Start of Nightmare Parts 1 and 2

I decided to put these two together because part 1 is a single panel with no dialogue and part 2 has the dialogue that would describe it. Part 1 also crosses into grimdark territory, so it’s only a click through.

Warning: Part 1 contains blood and some gore.

Part 1
This was my Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds submission for theme 25: Draw a pony drawing.

This was the product of a bad pun and my imagination crossing a line. To elaborate, the bad pun of an opponent drawing blood and my imagination pondering how the arbitrary scars I added to scarred Twilight came to be. To put it frankly: my muse is a bit of a bitch and I couldn’t get the image out of my mind. I debated whether or not I really wanted to post this one, but that would simply be avoiding the issue. My drawing skills are such that even though the drawing is a single detailed panel, the drawing isn’t as gruesome as it could have been. This is also not the most gruesome fanart I have seen and I’m pretty sure some people would see this as pretty mild by comparison. But for me, the thing is, this was personal: I was drawing it, which made it ten times worse. I actually felt sick to myself while drawing and I think that emotion transferred itself into Twilight’s expression. Anyway, this is a type of graphical style I am unlikely to revisit in the future.

Part 2
This was my Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds submission for theme 27: Draw a pony in a dungeon in the place it was banished to.

By now I had decided that I needed to get over myself and continue with the narration I planned out. I decided to leave the rest of the potentially grimdark finale to the failed Nightmare Moon fight as a quick blurb in text so that I could cross back into Dragonball Z/Sailor Moon/etc. level of “everyone’s made of iron, so that huge blast of energy leaves just a scratch” type of combat physics. This one was overall a lot more texty than usual, but I wanted to do it as more of a flashback told after the fact type of deal. I’m kind of unhappy with how the debris turned out in the second drawing, but otherwise I thought this turned out quite nicely. I was also happy to be able to retcon Dashie’s line to scarred Twilight (first seen in Twilight vs Twilight part 5) to not include 20% cooler.

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