Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 24

-Renown Rewards Available: Celica’s Gale

-Tonics: Robin (HP, Mag, Spd, Luk, Def), Morgan (HP, Spd, Luk, Def)




-If Robin has high Res (30+), consider swapping Tomebreaker to Slow Burn.



-Best position is turtling the upper-left Fort. With the Woods around it, this allows for a formation with Morgan being the first frontline target (able to kill two enemies per turn with a bow) with Robin on the Woods just north of him. With all the Woods tiles next to these locations, it gives enemy non-Wyv melee a tough time engaging in a timely manner, including likely being short of targeting Robin when approaching. This jam-up also causes 1~2-range enemies to engage Morgan at 2 range, letting him kill them and an opportunity to Sol. Unless the axe enemies have Hawkeye, do not kill them until the rest of the enemies are dead. The idea is to eliminate all incoming Hawkeye axe users and non-axe users until the tanking formation is entirely surrounded by axe users. This will bodyblock the more dangerous enemies from getting hits in. This is important, since between random Luna+ and regular Luna on the GKs, there is a lot of potential RNG for incoming damage.

-The pre-spawned Wyvs are almost all melee, but the reinforcements are largely 1~2 range.

-Beast Killer (+1mt) Lucina should be able to one-shot Woods tile Valks with 45 displayed Attack.




Turns 2-5: Wyv each from both far right Forts (Spear, Tomahawk); Pal from mid-right Fort (Silver Sword)

Turns 3-5: GK from mid-left Fort (Silver Sword)

Turns 4-5: GK from lower-left Fort (Silver Axe)

Turn 5: Pal from upper-left Fort (Silver Lance)