MLP:FiM – Self-Ponification

This is a self-ponification with a twist. Like Sethisto (see theme 29), I like the way mares are drawn more than stallions (plus the ponies having all the fun in Ponyville as mares, so there :P). So I drew myself as a pretty filly. I was aiming for short hair wherever possible, although the bangs ended up a bit longer than I originally envisioned because they look better this way. I kept the mane long because it would look really weird if I didn’t, but I wanted to stay simple, so I put a ponytail… on a pony *troll face*. The scarf was added on a bit of a whim. I had a little bit of trouble with the partially spread wings,
but after getting warmed up a bit, it turns out I still have my knack for drawing wings (I used to draw a ton of them, so I’d really hope I still would). For the cutie mark, I went with a cog with a pencil in it to represent my tendency to come up with elaborate designs, but lack the specialty skills required to push most of them to their full potential.

Wow, okay, colouring this was pretty tough. The way the mane falls, plus the accessories made the trace work a rather long affair. Figuring out colours was actually kind of tough too. Aside from my indecision, I had to find an outline colour to go with almost every fill colour I chose. I knew I wanted black for a coat colour, but since I wanted to do the outline in the darkest black, I had to find a black-grey combo to use for the fill colour. What I have is as dark as I can get without coat and outline being so close in colour that it creates major visual problems. The mane and tail colours were a bit difficult to deal with too. The blue I used for the fill colour is what all the blues on the palette seem to become at the same amount of darkness. Trying to get a darker outline here pretty much resulted in black, so I went with something a lighter, paler colour instead, which still keeps things distinctive. I almost ended up over saturating my pony with blue too, but I decided to use variants of teal for the scarf and eyes.

3 Responses to MLP:FiM – Self-Ponification

  1. Alana says:

    Very nice work!

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