MLP: FiM – B Grade (Fiction)

This is my submission for the WTG’s week 2 theme: write about a pony dreaming and his/her reaction to it upon waking up.

Well this was certainly interesting to write. Late last week I semi-dozed off for a moment and either dreamed or day dreamed up a good 3/4 of the first scene, so I decided to roll with it.

I’ve been up and down the text at least five times, changing at least a couple lines every time and I’m still pretty nervous that I messed something up. I’ve hardly written any prose in the last few weeks and that’s still more prose than I’ve written in the last three years or so.

*Author’s Note: For lack of a better name, Kuroi is what I’ve started using for my OC pony.*

B Grade

“C’mon, Scootaloo, hurry!”

Rainbow Dash eyed her charge impatiently as the orange pegasus flitted chaotically from cloud to cloud, stopping just long enough to give each one a good kick. Once the last of the fluff had been cleared from the twilit sky, the young mare rushed over.

“How did I do?”

“Faster,” the older mare answered, causing Scootaloo to beam for a moment. “But not fast enough.”

“Agh, really? I thought I had that one!”

“You still get too excited. If you want to be as good as me first you gotta think where you’re flying, then you can go fast,” Rainbow Dash said, pointing a forehoof to her head.

“Got it!” Scootaloo answered with a starry eyed grin.

“I hope so. Storm patrol is no j -”

The blue pegasus turned her amethyst eyes toward the ground.



Dash squinted at the horizon. As the faint galloping sound grew louder, three pony silhouettes appeared, one ahead of the others. The one in front was small, probably just out of foal-hood. The other two were larger, heavier set stallions. And they seemed to be gaining on the younger pony.

“Stay here,” she commanded.


Rainbow streaked toward the ponies, keeping her eye on the action below. The smaller one was a brown unicorn colt with a long, brown and white streaked mane. Each stride pitched his bangs here and there, giving Dash glimpses of his wide eyed terror. The colt stole a glance behind him, a grave mistake only the blue pegasus saw coming. As he stumbled over the rock, he flailed frantically, trying to regain his balance. But his speed was too great and down he went, emitting a cloud of dust as he skidded to a stop.

‘Time for my grand entrance,’ Rainbow Dash thought with a smirk.

The stallions, one maroon and the other pure white, had slowed to a walk. They stalked forward like predators anticipating a kill, seemingly unaware of the sky above them.

‘Typical earth ponies,’ the pegasus mused as she swooped in.

Rainbow Dash touched down quickly, placing herself between the colt and his pursuers. A wave of surprise swept across the stallions’ eyes as they each took a hasty step backward.

“Is there a problem, boys?” Rainbow asked, letting her smirk grow into a knowing smile.

“It’s none of your business!” the white stallion snapped.

“I’ll decide that for myself,” she retorted, digging in defiantly.

“She’s just an old mare. Move her,” the maroon pony ordered.

“Just an old mare, huh? Well then what are you waiting for? Come at me!” Dash sneered.

“Your funeral!” the first thug yelled as he charged forward.

Rainbow stood her ground, waiting for him to get just close enough. As the stallion tossed his head, a quick lateral movement put her out of harm’s way. The mare nimbly bucked her opponent’s exposed neck, sending him veering off the path where he toppled over, gasping for breath.

“Well?” Dash asked as she turned to meet with the forehoof of the maroon stallion.

Her vision blurred momentarily, but the blow could hardly be called the worst she’d ever had. She was easily able to duck the next strike and countered by ramming her head into her attacker’s soft belly.

Both ponies backed off, at which point Rainbow seized the opportunity to taunt the stallion.

“What’s the matter? Is the big, scary stallion losing to a little old mare like me?”

“Why, you little!” her opponent exclaimed, lunging forward.

But Rainbow Dash was already up in the sky, circling around to deliver a devastating drop kick to the stallion’s flank. He hit the ground with a sickening crack before sliding for a few feet.

“Are we having fun yet?” the pegasus asked with a casual flip of her mane.

“We… we’re gonna remember this!” the maroon stallion said as he struggled to his hooves.

“Yea! You better watch your flank!” the other thug chimed in.

“Call me,” Dash said, blowing a mock kiss in the stallions’ direction as they limped off. She continued to watch them through narrowed eyes until they disappeared over the horizon.

“Now then,” she turned to the colt, “are you going to tell me what the hay is going on?”

“I, I don’t know,” the colt replied.

“Really? After all that, that’s all you’re gonna say?”

“I’m telling the truth!” the unicorn shouted, tears forming in his eyes.

“All right, all right, don’t get bent out of shape,” Rainbow said, waving a hoof.

After a long pause, the colt finally spoke, “I, I was just on my way to Auntie Pinkie’s and those guys started chasing me.”

“Auntie Pinkie, huh? A delivery?” Rainbow asked glancing thoughtfully at the very small saddle bag attached to the colt’s flank.

The unicorn nodded, “You know her?”

“You could say that.”

“Well, get going then,” Dash broke the silence this time.


“Don’t keep her waiting. The rest of the way should be safe. I’ll stay here and make sure those thugs don’t come back,” the mare answered.

“Oh, okay, um… thanks,” the colt said hastily before trotting off.

“That was so cool!” Scootaloo called out as she hit the ground.

“It was, wasn’t it? Hey, didn’t I tell you to stay put?”

“And miss out on all the action?” Scootaloo asked, putting on her ever familiar ‘fangirl filly’ smile.

“Hah, not like it was much of a fight. A couple thugs aren’t any match for Rainbow Dash!” the older mare declared, posing on her hind legs, soliciting a cheer from Scootaloo.

The merriment was interrupted by the sound of two hooves clopping. Rainbow whirled, finding a certain white unicorn mare with two tone blue hair before her. Dash’s smile melted into a frown as she cast a hardened stare at the other pony’s purple tinted shades.

“Scootaloo, go watch the colt,” Rainbow Dash said without turning.

“But you said-”

“Just do it!” Dash growled.

“Awww, fine,” the orange pegasus muttered before taking to the sky.

Rainbow watched out of the corner of her eye until Scootaloo was some distance away before finally speaking, “Vinyl.”

“Looking not too bad, Dash. A little out of practice, but still not bad.”

“You don’t look so bad, yourself. Still playing middlepony?”

“You know me too well,” Vinyl said, a smirk creeping up on her face.

“Why are you here?”

“Oh, just out for a walk.”

“A walk.”

“Yes, the best music is inspired, after all.”

“And what does that have to do with me?” Dash asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Oh, nothing, really. I just happened to see your fight and thought maybe somepony was back in business.”

“You thought wrong,” Rainbow snapped.

“That’s too bad. You sure? I could easily get something lined up. You could even bring a few friends.”

“We’re retired, Vinyl. We don’t do that stuff anymore.”

“Suit yourself,” Vinyl shrugged before walking past the blue pegasus.

Rainbow continued to watch the other pony with suspicion until she had disappeared into the darkness.

“Ugh, what a night.”

“Twilight, do you have any idea what time it is?” Rarity complained as she entered the barn.

“Yes, Rarity, I promise you, this is an important issue,” the lavender unicorn answered.

“Everypony here?” Applejack asked from the door. When Twilight nodded, the orange pony pushed the door shut, barring it before she joined the others.

The barn was dimly lit, the only light coming from a trio of candles sitting atop a round, wooden table. As the table was too small for all of the ponies to crowd around, each stood some distance away.

“Ooo, are we having a party? Good thing I brought cupcakes!” Pinkie Pie said all at once, whipping a container full of baked goods out of her saddlebag. Bouncing about like a filly, the old mare made her way over to the table and plopped the treats down.

“Pinkie? I don’t think that’s why we’re here,” came Fluttershy’s ever gentle voice.

“We’re not getting back together, are we?” Rarity asked, suspiciously eying the others as a flash of realization touched her face.

“One more time,” Twilight answered firmly, meeting Rarity’s gaze.

“I thought we were leaving that to the young ones,” the yellow pegasus spoke again.

“The game has changed,” Rainbow Dash said.

“It has? When?” Pinkie asked between mouthfuls of cupcake.

“Scootaloo’s mom came by earlier this evening. Said she’s gone missing,” Applejack replied.

“So?” Rarity interjected. “She’s always out late partying.”

“That’s what I said too, but Apple Bloom told me she’d seen Scootaloo with a unicorn. A white unicorn with blue hair,” the orange mare adjusted her hat as she explained.

“Funny thing, I ran into Vinyl Scratch just outside the city,” Dash added. “She was on her way in.”

All the ponies looked at each other in turn, seeming to reach some sort of mutual conclusion without uttering a word.

“They’re just using her to make us work for them again,” Rarity said, breaking the silence.

“Yes, but we can’t just leave her stranded,” Twilight said.

“What do we do?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“We’ll do it fast. Get in, find Scootaloo and get out. They won’t even know we were there.” the lavender pony answered. “And if we’re lucky, we won’t-”

A strong wind rushed through the barn, striking the flames from each of the candle and leaving the ponies in pitch darkness.

“Fireball! Down!” Twilight yelled.

There was a series of muffled thuds as pony bodies hit the ground. A moment later the left wall exploded in a blaze of magic, flaming shrapnel flying everywhere.

Then Twilight was up, horn swirling with raw magic. Several projectiles came streaking through the hole in the wall, but the unicorn’s translucent purple barrier prevented them from finding their mark. She replied in turn with a searing purple beam of light.

“Above! Above, y’all!” Applejack’s voice echoed from somewhere in the room. Her warning was followed by several of Pinkie’s cupcakes shooting up out of the darkness. The confections sailed toward the roof where several unicorns were slinging bolts of flame and ice through scattered breaches. One of the cupcakes struck home, sending the sniper reeling backward with a cry.

Next was Rarity’s turn. Her horn glowed as portions of the roof began to dismantle themselves. To those in the barn below, debris was falling at an alarming rate, but the unicorns above barely seemed to notice. Their realization came too late and yelps of surprise echoed out as the shingles gave way beneath them.

The right side of the barn erupted in flames, launching its share of burning wood everywhere. Kuroi ducked again to avoid getting caught by the shrapnel. After a moment, she opened her eyes, running for cover as best she could.

“I’ve got this side!” Dash called out, hovering just above the right side blaze.

“Like heck you do, don’t get reckless!” was Applejack’s reply.

As Rainbow Dash darted from the barn, Kuroi thought to herself ‘Silly Applejack, Rainbow Dash handled those thugs just fine, what’s a few more?’

Time seemed to slow down. Something was wrong, but Kuroi couldn’t quite put her hoof on it. Then the pieces fell into place and time stopped entirely.

“Wait, how do I know that? And… why am I even here?” she mumbled to herself. As she finished her final word, everything went black.

The coal coloured pegasus groaned, easing her eyes open. While she struggled to focus, her ears were greeted by a soft ticking sound. When she could finally see right, she found her table clock resting a few inches from her snout. Three o’clock.

She groaned again, pushing herself into an odd sort of middle ground between sitting and lying down. Across the room grey, white and black flecks played across the small television screen. The mare blinked several times before averting her gaze.

Kuroi glanced back at her end table, first eying the video tape case, then the package of half eaten cupcakes, before finally locating the remote. She inched forward and nudged the power button with her snout before allowing her chin to fall down onto the couch’s hoof rest.

“Ugh…. no more late night movies… or Pinkie’s special cupcakes,” she mumbled to nopony in particular.

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  1. Alana says:

    Much more improved! My comprehension points went up a level. 🙂

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