MLP: FiM – Rarity Digging

Note that this is the completed version of yesterday’s Rarity sketch.

This is my first submission to the Artist Training Grounds’ week 15 theme: draw a pony doing something she/he doesn’t like.

Well, I needed Rarity practice and had thought about doing a dirty Rarity, but that’s so generic, so I narrowed that down to getting her hoof dirty and trying not to ruin her ‘precious pony pedi’ as the Diamond Dogs so aptly put it.

I’m starting to have to not work as hard to get the more gradual shading transitions, so I’m happy with that. I think my hair shines are starting to look a little more natural too. Probably gonna have to start putting more light sources in again, though. Having half the pony’s body in total shadow is starting to get old.

Done in about 4.5 hours with the 2H-HB-2B trio.

About Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I'm a computer programmer by trade, but I tend to dabble in many different creative activities.
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