Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 11

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: Javelin x3, forged Elthunder for +5 Mt.

-Tonics: Robin (Mag, Def)



-Bring Sumia, Cordelia, Fred, Libra, Anna

-Promote Cordelia

-Robin in SE-most deploy spot

-Chrom Killing Edge from P4



Turn 1

-Robin 2 tiles down and wait

-Olivia pair to Cordelia, move Cordelia to Robin, swap to Olivia and Dance.

-Robin move down and kill Sage. Watch out for lowest Mage having Counter because it’ll attack in melee.



Turn 2

-Move (3 tiles left) within range of two right Wyvs but also so Hero can be hit next turn. Use Spirit Dust.



Turn 3

-If 54+ Attack and near full HP, forged Elthunder Hero from 1 tile up and 1 tile right. Else, hang out outside Hero’s range in top Fighter’s range.



Turn 4

-Sweep right to get the Mages. Position group to handle a pit stop to divert Robin toward the NW reinforcements next turn.


Turn 5

-Move back up toward the group for heals and Olivia bounce. Hit the new Hero spawn from 1 tile down, 1 tile right.



Turn 6

-Pit stop, then get in range of Wyvs and Forts (1 tile right, 1 tile down from middle isolated woods) or kill Hero (if he wasn’t ganked on T3). Equip forged Elthunder.



Turn 7

-Pit stop and snag a kill at the same time if possible. Olivia bounces Robin down toward Thief while remaining in Mage range (don’t get in Gangrel’s Merc’s range).



Turn 8

-Snipe Thief from 2 tiles above. Retreat others so Mages will target Robin (make sure to have 45 Attack, as the Mages will go into melee because of Woods).

-Move the rest of the team right to get out of enemy range, but make sure to be at least 1 tile above the clump of Woods near the Forts. Otherwise, those Mages will come up and either kill or wound someone.



Turn 9+

-Clean up remaining goons before pulling Gangrel.


Boss Pull

-From Fort in range of Mages and Gangrel. Kite the rest to allow Anna to get the chest.




-Turn 3: Fighter, Merc, Fighter, 2 Mages (middle Forts in that order)

-Turn 4: Fighter, Merc, Hero (top-left Forts)

-Turn 5: 2 Wyvs (bottom Forts)

-Turn 6: Fighter, Merc, Fighter, 2 Mages (middle Forts in that order)

-Turn 7: Merc, Fighter, Mage (top-left Forts), 2 Wyvs (bottom Forts)

-Turn 8: Fighter, Merc, Fighter, 2 Mages (middle Forts in that order)