Fire Emblem: Awakening — Resetless Lunatic+ Chapter 17

-Pre-Chapter Shopping: HP Tonic x23, Second Seal x4, Bronze Bow forging for +5 Mt

-Tonics: Robin (HP, Def), Morgan (HP, Def)



-Robin and Morgan on left side (Olivia will need to boost Chrom to get him to Robin). They should be able to eliminate most, if not all, of this side of the hallway.

-Also deploy Anna, Libra, Olivia



Turn 1

-Robin, Morgan and Lucina should be able to kill the left-side group. If not, at least the enemies should be wounded enough to take Counter out as a factor.


Turn 2+

-Have Robin work her way up, killing what she can until about T6. Then she should head back toward the lower left to avoid getting swarmed by Counter reinforcements on T9 (T8’s all appear on the right side).

-Morgan and Lucina should be able to pick off the enemies coming in from the lower-right. If they get into trouble (bad Dual Strike luck or facing too much PavGis+), Anna can Rescue for quick heals and repositioning via Libra and Olivia.

-This is all going to be pretty YOLO, but remember that there’s plenty of space to kite and Rescue available if something goes wrong with a Dual Strike.



-Turn 8: 2Hero, Sniper, War Cleric from right stairs

-Turn 9: War Cleric and Hero from middle stairs, Hero and Sniper from left stairs

-Turn 10: War Cleric and Hero from middle stairs

-Turn 11: Hero and Valk from left stairs, Hero and Sniper from right stairs

-Turn 12: Hero, War Cleric, 2Valk from right stairs

-Turn 13: Valk, Hero from left stairs, Valk and War Cleric (2 range) from middle stairs, Sniper and Valk from right stairs