Winter Wrap Up Twilight Try 3

Anyone who knows me from Equestria Daily might remember that I did a custom Winter Wrap Up Twilight some time ago.

This is my third attempt at making her mane look good, since the first two weren’t quite right and I’m pretty sure I’m a little OCD. I think the bangs are a lot better, but I might have done a slightly worse job on the longer part of the mane than the second try.

This is a customized brushable Twilight Sparkle. The mane is boil permed, styled using a combination of custom sized bobby pins, small straws for curlers and twist ties to generally hold things in place.

The outfit is the one she wears for all of 30 seconds in the cold opening. I was kind of sad to not see it again all episode. The boots (these also required a custom pattern to sew) and scarf are entirely feltwork, with the scarf being hand striped. The saddle is a piece of felt with fragments of cotton pompoms glue gunned to the edge. The strap of the saddle is ribbon, which is sewn to the top and I found some little jump rings that looked just right as buckles. Unfortunately, they don’t actually function very well as buckles, because the saddle tends to sag with nothing putting tension on the strap.

5 Responses to Winter Wrap Up Twilight Try 3

  1. Curious Black Cat says:

    First! Hehe, I like your new website domain very much. Yeah! Twilight Sparkle should have worn that outfit the whole episode long… When you told me you were gonna do her outfit, I had to rewatch that part again. That’s ok, you are OCD and I can be neurotic. 😛

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  5. Lily Blossom says:

    Wow!! That IS pretty! My Twilight is just regular….

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