MLP: FiM – Aftermath Part 2

This was my Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds submission for theme 29: Draw a pony reading.

I jumped to the very end of the narration here as the theme was conducive to that part. This allowed me to take a bit more of an easy way out, since I was staying up unusually late to create time to do the drawing, since otherwise I wouldn’t have had any time during the rest of the day due
to being out. Anyway, this ties up some loose ends left from the original. Plus I got to do a ‘Pinkie Pie the unrelatable narrator’ gag while I was at it. I also did the blogpony bonus theme there, drawing ponified Cereal Velocity and Sethisto (for those unfamiliar with Equestria Daily, they are two of the admins). I totally forgot the horn in my interpretation of Cereal (as I did intend to stick with popular opinion that he’d be a unicorn), but after looking at it again, I think it would have messed up his Cave Johnson (see Portal series) style hairdo (he’s done pony parodies of the Portal 2 commercials), so he gets to stay an earth pony in my interpretation. Sethisto is a mare, well, because of a comment Phoe made on the training grounds that he prefers the way mares are drawn (I’ll be honest here, I have to agree with him). So naturally I produced Seth the pretty filly.

About Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

I'm a computer programmer by trade, but I tend to dabble in many different creative activities.
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